Tiny House Style Trends

Tiny houses are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world as people look to minimalize their lives. Tiny houses are very practical, but they can also be trendy and stylish as well.

If you have a tiny house, decorating it in a way that you love will make it more comfortable to live in. Here are some fun trends that have become popular that you can incorporate into your own tiny home.

Woodsy Style

If you’ve always wanted your own private cabin, a tiny home is a perfect place to try out this chic style.

Many tiny homes are built with wood interiors and exteriors, so you can play up these features with earth-toned colors and plaids to give your space a cute hunting lodge feel. A small pine-scented candle can add even more ambiance and coziness to the space.

Grungy Minimalism

Tiny houses can definitely be edgy, and you can make the most of a small space by incorporating popular minimalist style trends.

Clean lines like floating shelves and geometric furniture create an airy feel, while adding trendy textures like ceramics in your accessories is an affordable way to give your space some style.

Pops of Color

Too much color in a small space can feel a bit overwhelming, so try adding small accents with one of your favorite shades to give your home some personality without being too much.

For example, try painting one wall a bright while keeping everything else complementary neutrals. This technique also works on exteriors, and is a fun way to set your small home apart from the others.

In general, the best way to explore interior design trends in a tiny home is by doing it on a smaller scale. Your tiny home is a great place to express your style, so don’t be afraid to try new trends.

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