Downsizing: Does smaller place make you happier?

The aphorism that less is more surely could apply to downsizing your home.

If you are in a situation where your children are all out of the nest, and a big empty house that needs lots of cleaning is no longer for you, then downsizing may be the answer.

The Upside of Downsizing

There are many bonuses to downsizing. It may seem like a huge change at first; however, downsizing can make for a truly happy individual.

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1) Your Finances on a long-term

If you think about it, maintaining and keeping up a larger home may not be in your best interest any longer.

The maintenance bills are higher for a bigger home. Smaller home with less square footage needing heat and electricity means lower utility bills.

If you move into a townhome or condo, you will not have to worry about spending for snow plowing or lawn services anymore. Repairing something like leaky roofs or windows are things that you don’t have to worry in a condo.

2) Cleaning

A smaller home means much less cleaning.

If you don’t need that much space, why spend so much of your time and money cleaning a larger home.

3) Saving time for other activities

Once you have successfully downsized, there is a great deal more time available throughout your day for activities that you enjoy.

Less maintenance, less cleaning, and fewer repairs all equate to more time for enjoyable activities.

4) Saving money

The less square feets there is to care for, the more money you will automatically save. If you had a four-bedroom home and now have a two-bedroom condominium, you will save money on cleaning supplies, utilities, and home decor, as well as not having to repaint every couple of years.

5) Enjoying yourself and have a stress-free time

When you have a big house, there are lots of things to worry about like the backyard, the curb appeal, the pool, raking leaves and shoveling snow, making repairs, and keeping it up in general.

And when you downsize, you open up a new boulevard for your time and relaxation.

All that time you spend maintaining, cleaning and worrying is now time you can spend for what you like; golfing, going to the beach, walking, and anything you wish to enjoy.

Big beautiful home is the dream of many. But if you are looking to save time and money, then downsizing into a smaller space might be a thing to consider.

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